Protect your health and that of your family members from potential health risks of EMF pollution by scheduling a radiation test.
Customer Testimonials

“We were very impressed by the service provided by EMF Inspections. We were in negotiations for a house purchase, with other buyers involved, but in the distance were some Towers which concerned us. The company came out at short notice and there was constant good communication. The inspector was very, very helpful with explaining at the point what the readings meant and provided good details to help us to make up our mind whether to proceed. We were so relieved to have had this help, and would highly recommend this company.”

Sarah and Mark Robins

“Thank you Atanas for your reassuring inspection.
My husband and I have found our dream house after a long search. However we were both very concerned about the substation 40 meters away from the back of the garden due to reading many forums about radiation. We are a due to have baby and therefore this added to our concerns.
Atanas was accommodating from the beginning and was available at short notice at a time that suited us. Atanas went round the entire property and the garden checking the levels in various areas. He then fed back to us his findings and sent us a written report the next day which we can use in re sale if future buyers have concerns.
Atanas reassured us the house was perfectly safe to live and was able to answer all our questions. I am so glad we had this inspection done as now I feel there is nothing to worry about and can just concentrate on being excited about our new family home. “

Gemma and Dan Wood

For our surveys we use

professional equipment of





Our company  provides professional Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Surveys anywhere in the UK. We inspect  houses, flats, offices, schools, workplaces and commercial properties. We measure field strength to comply with general safety regulations.

If you are a prospective home buyer and have health concerns about nearby substation, cell phone mast, power pylons or about the invisible EMFs of electrical appliances, then you should consider conducting an EMF survey.

Various devices and appliances, such as TVs, cordless phones, CCTV cameras, WiFi routers, fluorescent, halogen or LED lighting are among the main sources generating electromagnetic fields.

Our comprehensive surveys can reduce EMF levels that may exist inside of your property.

Once we have conducted a survey, we provide a verbal summary of the results on the spot and then prepare a written report that provides all details. We also give practical steps on how the problem can be eliminated or avoided at minimal cost.

Why choose us?

Quality Services

We use certified professional equipment for our surveys calibrated by the manufacturer, to ensure the highest degree of accuracy. 


Over 8 years of practical experience in EMF measurements.

Flexible schedule

We accept Sunday bookings or same day appointment. Please email us for details.

Earn Money

Our partner program is free to join, it’s easy to sign-up and you will get a commission for every booked EMF survey.

EMF evaluations should be part of

every real estate transaction

Electromagnetic Fields had traditionally not been a part of due diligence real estate inspection and evaluation. This is changed in the last few years.

Concerns about potential impacts had brought questions about significant low frequency (LF) and radio frequency (RF) sources at the property, building or in its proximity

An EMF evaluation at the start of the real estate transactions before remodeling begins is the best and most cost-effective time to implement possible shielding methods.

Order EMF survey before signing your tenancy agreement!

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EMF Survey for prospective home buyers

Buying a house can be an exciting adventure and a big investment. There are often plenty of unknowns. For peace of mind, it is protocol for prospective buyers to hire inspectors before any decision is made for components like plumbing, structure, grounds, electrical system, and more.

In addition to those important factors, many prospective buyers should also consider getting an Electromagnetic Field Protection (EMF) Survey to measure exposure to electromagnetic waves. Research shows that long-term exposure to high levels of EMF affects your health. Possible symptoms may be headaches, insomnia, and fatigue. The elderly, pregnant women and infants are particularly vulnerable. Many studies even suggest a link between EMFs and brain cancer.

We naturally have our own electromagnetic field. Our nervous system communicates with the rest of our body through electronic impulses. Because of this, artificially generated EMFs can disrupt your bodies metabolism, compromising your immune system.

It is hard to completely avoid artificial EMFs. Levels of EMFs have gone up steadily as use of electricity in homes and businesses has become universal. However, you can minimize danger to you and your family by making sure your prospective home is within safe limits. That can be done with an EMF survey. The detectable magnetic field from a substation is anywhere from 3 to 15 metres away but you can also be affected by the electro magnetic field from power lines and a power pylon. In short, because EMF waves are impossible to detect on sight, you need an EMF survey to give you a measurement to assess the danger. Also, make sure to inquire whether the power company regularly conducts substation testing so that the EMFs stay within safe limits.

And if health isn’t enough of a motivating factor for you to pass up a dream home with high levels of EMFs, consider the financial outlook of that purchase. Given the health implications of EMFs, the resale value of the home will likely be lower than desired.

Keep you and your family safe from harmful EMF levels. If you are interested in buying a house, it is important to get an EMF survey beforehand.

EMF Testing for Real Estate Transactions

The real estate market has always been a competitive one. That’s nothing new. People, however, are now learning more and more about the problems electromagnetic fields can trigger. They’re also learning more about the medical dangers of EMF fields. If a home is close to cell towers, step-down transformers or power lines, it can suffer from reduced property value. EMF testing, however, can in many cases change that situation for the better.

Our tests can teach people about electrical wiring problems. Electrical wiring matters can be detrimental to residential inspections. They can cause energy intake boosts. They can even bring on monthly utility bills that are higher than before. We conduct EMF signal tests and then offer tangible answers. We do away with EMF concerns entirely. Our work, because of that, is capable of boosting the value of properties. It can help people who want to cut down on utility bill costs. It can even do away with possible medical concerns that are linked to the presence of EMF.

EMF Testing at Schools

UK schools are expanding by the day. This expansion encourages the rise of wireless high-speed Internet connections. It encourages the rise of many other kinds of electrical devices, too. There is an abundance of old schools in our living areas. These schools are vulnerable to improper electrical wiring installation techniques. They often have antiquated systems that can lead to significant EMF levels as well. This can be hazardous because it can introduce children to stronger amounts of ElectroSmog. This can trigger considerable medical worries.

ElectroSmog is a type of electromagnetic radiation that exists in a broad range of  schools. It’s man made and is cause for alarm for many people. We strive to set up healthy educational settings that are suitable for educators and students alike. We believe that we can achieve this by establishing consistent and regular EMF testing practices.