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Our company  provides professional Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Surveys anywhere in the UK. We inspect  houses, flats, offices, electric and hybrid vehicles, workplaces and commercial properties. We measure field strength to comply with general safety regulations.

If you are a prospective home buyer and have health concerns about the nearby substation, electricity pylons, overhead power lines or cell phone masts, then you should consider conducting an EMF survey.

Various devices and appliances, such as TVs, cordless phones, CCTV cameras, WiFi routers, fluorescent, halogen or LED lighting are among the main sources generating electromagnetic fields.

Our comprehensive surveys can reduce EMF levels that may exist inside of your property.

Once we have conducted a survey, we provide a verbal summary of the results on the spot and then prepare a written report that provides all details. We also give practical steps on how the problem can be eliminated or avoided at minimal cost.

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EMF evaluations should be part of

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Electromagnetic Fields had traditionally not been a part of due diligence real estate inspection and evaluation. This is changed in the last few years.

Concerns about potential impacts had brought questions about significant low frequency (LF) and radio frequency (RF) sources at the property, building or in its proximity

An EMF evaluation at the start of the real estate transactions before remodeling begins is the best and most cost-effective time to implement possible shielding methods.

Order EMF survey before buying the property!

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EMF Testing for Real Estate Transactions

The real estate market has always been a competitive one. That’s nothing new. People, however, are now learning more and more about the problems electromagnetic fields can trigger. They’re also learning more about the medical dangers of EMF fields. If a home is close to cell towers, step-down transformers or power lines, it can suffer from reduced property value. EMF testing, however, can in many cases change that situation for the better.

Our tests can teach people about electrical wiring problems. Electrical wiring matters can be detrimental to residential inspections. They can cause energy intake boosts. They can even bring on monthly utility bills that are higher than before. We conduct EMF signal tests and then offer tangible answers. We do away with EMF concerns entirely. Our work, because of that, is capable of boosting the value of properties. It can help people who want to cut down on utility bill costs. It can even do away with possible medical concerns that are linked to the presence of EMF.

Electromagnetic Fields in the Workplace

Occupational exposure limits in the UK are based upon The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016, which defines lower and upper level exposure limits and action level values for both sensory and health effects. These regulations also state that employing staff who are at “particular risk”, principally meaning those who are pregnant or who have active medical devices, will also impact your obligations as an employer.

An assessment involves mapping your place of work to pinpoint any sources of potential issues. For each issue which is detected, our technicians will work with you to help determine a suggested course of action and resolution.

If any of your staff exceed the exposure limit values or report experiencing adverse health effects, you are legally required to provide appropriate medical surveillance and examination. Obtaining an occupational exposure assessment of electromagnetic fields will therefore ensure that you comply with these regulations while offering you and your employees increased peace of mind and long-term well being. Learn more…





Electric cars have attained popularity in recent years. They have a solid reputation for energy efficiency and are esteemed for their cool, sleek appearance. But electric cars may come with risks. There are concerns that were recently raised regarding constant exposure to EMFs.

Lack of distance between the passengers and the source of the EMF radiation may increase risk over time. Battery packs must be placed in an area where risk is minimized in the event of a fatal crash. This means that they are located right underneath each of the passenger seats, which is the source of direct exposure to EMF radiation.

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The Importance of an Assessment from an Electromagnetic Field Testing Consultant

Many London residents do not always consider the impact electrical line and substation proximity can have on their health. There has been much evidence suggesting that electromagnetic field radiation has been a factor in miscarriages, skin cancer, leukemia, and even multiple sclerosis. All people are not as susceptible to harmful effects of electromagnetism, so one size does not necessarily fit all electricity consumers. The decision in some cases depends on the individual. However, the primary issue with electromagnetic radiation contamination is that it occurs in low increments of power and does gradual damage that the victim never realizes is actually happening. Knowing the energy field dynamics of a particular residence or business can be vital to the health maintenance of the all individuals in proximity to the EMF source. This means that having an assessment conducted by a true professional with solid experience in electromagnetic detection is essential.

EMF Testing at Schools

Our schools are expanding by the day. This expansion encourages the rise of wireless high-speed Internet connections. It encourages the rise of many other kinds of electrical devices, too. There is an abundance of old schools in our living areas. These schools are vulnerable to improper electrical wiring installation techniques. They often have antiquated systems that can lead to significant EMF levels as well. This can be hazardous because it can introduce children to stronger amounts of ElectroSmog. This can trigger considerable medical worries. It’s manmade and is cause for alarm for many people. We strive to set up healthy educational settings that are suitable for educators and students alike. We believe that we can achieve this by establishing consistent and regular EMF testing practices.