10 Reasons to conduct an EMF Survey before buying a new house

When you are buying a home, you want to be certain it is a healthy, safe environment for you and your children. You hire a professional home inspector to check the structure and to rule out potential heath risks such as radon and black mold. You should also have an EMF survey done to verify that any electromagnetic fields in or near the property are within acceptable standards for human health.

EMF Basics

Dangerous EMFs are typically located near power lines and cell phone towers, but lower frequency EMFs are also present within your home, due to your appliances and electronic devices. EMFs vary in frequency, which is expressed in terms of volts per metre, according to the World Health Organization.

Low frequency EMFs have longer wavelengths and fewer volts per metre. In general, home appliances and electrical systems create ELFs, or extremely low frequency fields, which represent minimal risks to people in good health.

Your television, microwave oven and cell phone emit radio frequency radiation, also called non-ionizing radiation. Many believe RF radiation does pose health risks, but this belief has neither been proven nor disproven to date.

X-rays and gamma rays generate high frequency EMFs. Unlike low frequency and RF radiation, they are powerful enough to do severe damage to the molecules in your body, possibly resulting in cancer and/or mutation, and thus are the most dangerous. Fortunately, your new home is very unlikely to harbor these types of EMFs.

10 Reasons You Need an EMF Survey

1. People in ill health are more likely to be affected even by low frequency EMFs. They may experience symptoms such as headaches, insomnia and fatigue where EMD dangers are high. If anyone in your household is especially vulnerable to health risks, including infants and the elderly, you need an EMF survey before moving in to a new home.

2. You have your own natural electromagnetic field. Your nervous system communicates with the rest of your body through electronic impulses. Many of your metabolic functions, including digestion and circulation, rely on chemical reactions that generate such impulses. Artificially generated EMFs, from low-frequency fields to RF impulses, can wreak havoc with your body’s metabolism, compromising your immune system. A pre-purchase survey is a smart way to gauge the possibility of this risk.

3. A multitude of studies suggests a link between EMF exposure and brain cancer. Although a definitive causal relationship has yet to be scientifically proven, anecdotal evidence also points to a higher risk of leukemia in children who have been exposed over a period of time.

4. Levels of EMFs in the environment have gone up steadily since electricity became the norm in homes and businesses. Rapid technological advances in the past few decades have increased EMD dangers to human health. Because these fields are impossible to detect on sight, it is more important than ever to quantify the dangers in a new home and neighbourhood with a survey.

5. In general, research shows that long-term exposure to high levels of EMFs affects your health. Therefore, although EMFs are virtually everywhere, it is important to confirm that your primary place of residence, where you will likely live for years to come, is within the safe range for EMFs.

6. People have published more than 25,000 articles focusing on the effects of non-ionizing radiation over the past three decades. If EMD dangers are garnering that much attention from the scientists and scholars throughout the world, they are something you should be checking into. Your best strategy is getting profession advice on EMF danger before purchasing a new house.

7. EMFs may pose a significant health risk during pregnancy, both to you and to your baby. If you are planning to start a family, or if your children are beginning to have children of their own, you will feel better about your home environment if you have had a survey and know for sure you are within acceptable limits for EMFs.

8. Faulty wiring is a potential source of EMFs in your home. Of course, your building inspector will check all the outlets to verify they have power, but sometimes, a wiring problem is difficult to identify during a cursory inspection. Because wiring problems can heighten the strength of the EMF in your home, they are not only safety hazards but also health risks. If a survey reveals an EMF that is stronger than normal, it may be due to a wiring issue you need to know about.

9. Higher frequency EMFs can interfere with cell phone and WiFi reception. If you rely on clear connectivity for work or other reasons, you don’t want to live in a home where the EMF causes interference. A survey will reveal such potential problems.

10. The resale value of a home is likely to be lower if you have an EMF problem. Thinking ahead to the time when you will be selling the home you plan to purchase, it is more than likely that potential buyers would hire someone to investigate the EMFs in and around your home. If the risk level is too high, you will have trouble getting a good return on your investment.

Smart home buyers rule out all possible contingencies before making an offer on a home. That process includes an EMF detection survey. Protect your health and that of your family members by scheduling one today.

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