3G and 4G Phone Mast Radiation

With the addition of 5G networks, it is necessary to evaluate the radiation that 3G and 4G phone masts emit. The evidence is quite indecisive regarding the matter, because many providers deny that there is harmful radiation emissions from Mobile phone base stations. Nonetheless, there is scientific evidence that does point to Phone mast radiation. To better answer the question of how dangerous 3G and 4G mobile phone masts are, we must first understand that all cell phones as well as masts emit radiation frequencies. The closer you are in proximity to the source of radiation, the more you will feel the side effects.

The most common side effects of Phone mast radiation are nosebleeds, headaches and nausea. These illnesses are said to be brought on by the pulsing microwave frequencies constantly making contact with the body. Recent research has started linking cancer to the harmful electromagnetic emissions presented by Mobile phone base stations, however, there are no factual claims as of today.

It has been mandated by the Federal Communications Commission in the USA that these stations are elevated to at least 15 feet in the air to minimize radio frequency emissions. Although, the FCC has stated that the emissions presented by Mobile phone base stations emit levels of radiation far below harmful levels known to cause cancer. In regards to a 3G or 4G phone mast, you would have to stand near the tower for an extended period of time to feel adverse effects. It is important to note that many homes and businesses are in close proximity to cell phone masts. However, cell phones are known to emit the same form of radiation, therefore, a cell phone mast does not necessarily have to be present for you to come into contact with harmful radiation.

If you have any concerns in regards to exposure from a cell phone mast, then it is wise to consider a Phone mast survey. This survey is beneficial if you are buying or selling property, or you are considering having a phone mast placed near your home. It is necessary to work with a professional to ensure that all of the data is correct and easily understand. For instance, the professional who is authorized to do the Phone mast survey can help you easily understand if the levels of radiation emitted from the tower are harmful to your health or surrounding community.

A Phone mast survey can actually help you reduce your exposure to radiation. This is due to the fact that you are informed in regards to radiation exposure that may be emitted from certain electrical equipment. You are also given the chance to understand precautionary measures to better protect everyone in the vicinity from harmful radiation that may pose a health risk. If you have a phone mast near your home or work and often deal with headaches or feeling nauseous, then it is wise to consider having a survey done to ensure that you are not being affected by Phone mast radiation.

Many researches are quite indecisive when it comes to how our cell phones affect our health. However, it is necessary to do everything possible to ensure that you are minimizing harmful radiation that is emitted from 3G and 4G masts. After all, a little exposure over a long period of time can be just as harmful as a lot of exposure over a short period of time.


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