A Complete Guide to EMF Testing Services

With the growing levels of technology and infrastructure around the world, it is always important to note the problems that come with it. There are various EMFs that occur naturally in the atmosphere and there are those that come with installing new infrastructure or are amplified by it. Also, electrical appliances produce EMF emissions every time they are used, and this exposes the users. It is crucial to ensure the EMFs are tested and handled correctly not to affect the people living in the area or the building.

What is EMF testing?

So, what is EMF testing? EMF testing involves checking the amounts of exposure a product has faced from electromagnetic emissions. These emissions may include electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic emissions that come either as static, low frequency, or radiofrequency fields. There are specific amounts of EMF that are not harmful to humans. Therefore, regulatory limits have been set. If the products tested surpass these limits compared to the standard levels, then it is dangerous. Hence EMF testing is essential and the emf testing report is handed over with the required recommendations to tackle the issue.

 What is EMF?

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields that are produced by accelerating electric charges that may occur in common home appliances, cars, or even industries.

 Why is EMF testing necessary?

EMF testing is crucial to us, especially with the growing technological advancements, to ensure we are safe from the fields. So, EMF testing is essential because it is a requirement in most countries. This requirement ensures the safety standards are met and the people are kept safe from EMF emissions, mainly from unsuspecting appliances. This requirement ensures the products are safe and save the companies money that you may lose in case of recalls or non-compliance fines. They also give the customers confidence in the product as they are not harmed while using it. EMF testing also offers a competitive edge to a company due to the commitment to ensuring the product is safe for the users.

EMF testing is also essential in making sure the devices we use work well. EMF is produced from wires, cables, and electronic devices around us. The dangerous levels of EMF are hazardous to operate and the other instruments’ functionality as they use electricity. This effect reduces the functionality of devices, especially telecommunications and ICT devices. This is why it is essential to test and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your devices. This also saves you costs that would have been otherwise used to restore or repair the damaged appliances.

EMF affects our bodies adversely, especially when they are in large quantities. They can cause different health complications when someone is exposed to them. Such complications may include depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness. EMF has also been recorded to alter the human DNA, which may subsequently affect balance. Ion balance, in effect, affects the functioning of the cells which make up the human body leading to complications. EMF emissions have also been linked to cases of cancer such as breast cancer. Other complications related to EMF emissions include Alzheimer’s disease, infertility, heart diseases and even miscarriages in pregnant women. So, when EMF is tested successfully and an EMF-testing report is generated, the necessary precautions can be taken to ensure safety standards are met.

 What is the EMF testing process?

Special tools are required to measure EMF emissions which are recorded in MicroTeslas and NanoTeslas. The measurement procedure is known as a survey and there are different surveys for each measurement. There are Low-Frequency EMF surveys, Radio Frequency EMF surveys, Complex (LF and RF) EMF surveys, EMF-testing of EV and Hybrid Vehicles and Commercial EMF assessments.

Low-frequency electromagnetic fields testing mainly concerns EMF emissions from devices such as substations, power lines, electrical wiring, transformers, and equipment. This means that every other person near the named devices and infrastructure are exposed to them. Common low-frequency EMF emitters include electric power substations, transmission lines, distribution lines, and industrial machines. We conduct surveys using well-functioning EMF meters that are efficient in tracking EMF to their source. The owner is then given a verbal summary before an EMF testing report is generated and the results presented to the owner. This report includes the location and intensity of EMFs.

Radio Frequency, also known as High Frequency EMF testing, deals mainly with emissions from phone masts, cordless phones, mobile antennas, broadcast towers, and electrical security systems. These EMFs produce high frequencies that may pose significant health risks since they operate on the same range as microwaves. The survey is taken using professional EMF meters based on location and source. An EMF testing report is generated and handed over and a step-by-step procedure is given to eliminate the threat.

Complex Full Band (LF+RF) EMF testing is mainly conducted in the real estate market. Since information about the existence and effects of EMFs on human beings has been out, people are more aware of EMF testing and are interested in ensuring their homes are safe. Homes that are incredibly close to cell towers, step-down transformers and power lines are at high risk of EMF exposure. EMF-testing reinsures the customer of safety standards; otherwise, the home is set to be valued lower than the intended price. This service tests for both Low Frequency and Radio Frequency EMFs and a complete EMF testing report is generated. EMF Inspections Ltd uses professional EMF meters to ensure the EMF are accurately tested and reported. Then the owner can take the necessary precautions as recommended in the report to eliminate these emissions.

Electric and hybrid vehicles are slowly becoming a norm in our societies, mainly due to the undertaken environmental conservation efforts. Due to the high electricity, the cars may emit EMFs, especially from the battery packs since they a closer to the passengers and driver than regular cars. In case of a crash, the battery might expose the occupants to the EMFs. Hence, precautions should be taken to ensure the battery is at a safe location that cannot affect the occupants. What EMF inspections measure the level of EMFs emitted by the vehicle and provide an EMF testing report supplied to the manufacturer and the necessary precautions required to ensure the car is safe for the users. It is also advisable if a car owner keeps checking the EMF level momentarily to ensure high levels are not produced. As vehicles become more popular, manufacturers tend to use more powerful batteries to be more productive and efficient. The more powerful a battery is, the more it exposes people to the EMFs.

EMF testing is also necessary for commercial establishments such as industries where mass production occurs. Mass production involves heavy and big machinery, which requires large amounts of electricity, hence EMFs’ presence. This kind of survey consists of mapping the potential EMF sources in the area and a course of action recommended by the technician. You are required to keep your employees safe from EMFs and provide relevant medical surveillance and examination for them. Schools are also not left behind as we also need to keep the children and teachers safe. The constant expansion of the schools also requires several facilities such as wireless internet connectivity and electrical wires, which are also sources of EMF.

It is crucial to make sure the EMF levels in your facilities are low to ensure the occupants are safe and sound.

 What items are tested for EMF?

EMF testing takes place on many different devices and objects that occur in our everyday lives. They include electrical equipment, phone masts, ICT devices, power lines, mobile phone mast, electricity pylons, substations, and power lines.

 What Services Does EMF Inspections provide?

EMF Inspections provide crucial services such as testing, identifying, and giving recommendations on the locations with EMF emissions and their intensity. Then the qualified technicians assist the client is going through the suggestions offered in the EMF testing report.

 Why choose EMF Inspection

EMF Inspection Ltd offers the best EMF-testing services at affordable prices. We provide quality services to our clients primarily due to our well-trained and qualified technicians. We also have state-of-the-art equipment which we use in our surveys that the manufacturer calibrates to enhance accuracy.

EMF inspections also have over eight years of experience in the market. This experience means that our technicians have been able to experience different locations and assess them accurately, therefore, knowing how to tackle the other issues that arise.

We also have flexible schedules and offer our services even on Sundays. This flexibility gives the client time and space to conduct other activities to test the area. We also offer same-day appointments, which are convenient for our clients.

Our prices are also competitive and offer no hidden fees. These competitive prices make sure you get value for your money.

What are some of the safety recommendations when handling EMF?

So, how does one stay safe from EMFs? This depends on whether the EMF is a low-frequency EMF or a high frequency or radio EMF. So, to protect yourself from low frequency to mid-frequency EMFs, you need to:

– Avoid sitting near appliances at homes such as televisions, microwaves, fridges, or washing machines. Make sure you keep a little distance between the devices and you while also ensuring the exposure time is negligible.

– Make sure your phone is at a distance away from you or place it in a bag or briefcase whenever you are just not close to your body.

– Avoid using earphones or wired devices to play music on your phone as they transit EMF to your head. Use the phone speaker or earbuds for such functions.

– Always unplug and take a day off from electronic devices and electricity. Electrical appliances and electricity are known for providing EMF.


For high-frequency EMFs, you should:

– Limit your exposure to X-rays to only medically necessary

– Avoid sitting in the sun too much, especially when the rays are the strongest in the middle of the day.

– Make sure your time in tanning beds is minimal such that it does not affect you.

All in all, EMF emissions are dangerous and should be avoided. That is why EMF Inspections offer the best EMF-testing services so you can eliminate EMFs in your surroundings where necessary.

What are the symptoms of EMF exposure?

Most people do not experience the effects of EMF exposure immediately, as it takes time to manifest itself. However, this does not mean that possible symptoms have not been recorded. They include:

  1. Headaches
  2. Body pain
  3. Lethargy
  4. Tinnitus
  5. Nausea
  6. Burning sensation
  7. Heart arrhythmia
  8. Anxiety

What is EMF shielding?

EMF shielding involves creating a barrier that reduces the Electromagnetic field in space. Shielding is mainly done by applying electrically conductive materials on surfaces. Such materials include wire meshes, fabrics, films, coatings, and special sheet metals. The shielding material’s efficiency is measured by comparing the reduction before and after the material.

Some things to consider when looking for a shielding project include the field type and the frequency. These considerations are determined once a comprehensive EMF survey has been undertaken and an EMF testing report delivered with the recommendations. EMF shielding works by either absorbing the EMF energy and transforming it to heat or reflecting the energy away. Some EMFs work both ways. They are mainly applied at the source of the EMF.

What are the steps required to apply EMF shielding?

To successfully shield against EMF, you should follow the following steps:

– First, you should let a professional survey be undertaken by a qualified EMF testing company such as EMF Inspection Ltd. This survey should be conducted inside buildings—especially those near substations, mobile phone mast, power lines, and electricity pylons.

– The EMF consultant then measures the frequency concerning the measures to be taken and a benchmark is established.

– Then a professional shielding concept is identified together with the areas to be shielded and the necessary material to be used.

– A grounding plate is then installed, which provides grounding for the shielding materials. A licensed electrician should do this installation.

– Skilled and trained contractors install then qualified contractors. The shielding should be on the walls, roofs, ceilings, and floors. Doors and door frames and windowpanes should be included in this process.

– Then an EMF consultant who is trained and qualified checks whether the benchmark goals have been achieved then the building is certified whether it is of low EMF or RF levels.


EMF emissions are essential to humans but are harmful, especially when they are at more significant levels than required. They come with harm to both humans and the devices. EMF Inspections Limited offers the best services for EMF testing with our qualified and trained technicians. EMF shielding should also be considered in homes, learning institutions, industries, offices, and places of business. That means anywhere where electricity functions. EMF comes with different symptoms such as anxiety, a burning sensation, heart arrhythmia, nausea, headaches, and body pain. This only occurs due to prolonged exposure or exposed to higher EMFs. Some sources of EMFs include a power substation, phone masts, power lines, electricity pylon, and mobile phone mast.

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