Buying a house near electricity pylons in the UK

An electricity pylon is a steel lattice power used to support overhead power lines responsible for an area’s electricity.

This article will help you to understand more about EMF exposure, the risk assessment involved with living near the electric pylon, health and safety rules and Pros and Cons of purchasing a house near electricity pylons.

EMF risks of electricity pylons in the UK

Electricity pylons are a common thing in the UK as the government aims to ensure every part of the country is covered and has access to electricity. However, studies carried out by some researchers show that electricity pylons emit high EMF that poses a risk to people living in these areas. Though the issue gets negated, the things they point cannot get ignored. Some of the dangers caused by EMF of electricity pylons in the UK include;

i. Threat of cancer

Frequent exposure to EMF poses an imminent danger. It exposes one to a higher chance of getting cancer by affecting their cell orientation and makeup, increasing their chances of getting cancer, especially skin cancer. EMF rays increase one’s chances of getting skin cancer.

ii. Infertility

Studies done in the UK involving 933 women showed that those who lived within 500 meters of a pylon were four times more likely to be infertile than those further from the electrical lines. EMF rays also pose a danger to both males and females; thus, living in high-exposure areas was likely to cause infertility.

iii. Mental disorders

People living near pylons are also likely to have some mental disorders such as depression. Other factors, such as altered sleeping patterns, are likely to alleviate mental conditions such as depression or high-stress levels. These mental disorders affect the overall function of a person.

iv. Affect individuals with medical implants

Studies done by the world health organization showed that people with implants such as pacemakers were likely to get affected by low EMF levels that made their pacemakers work abnormally, affecting their general wealth. Other devices such as catheters and surgically implanted clips were also more likely to shift positions or malfunction when exposed to EMF zones. Individuals with implants are thus in greater danger, mostly if they leave in areas with electrical pylons.

v. Sleep disturbance

Studies done by Switzerland show that pylons emit a range between 50-60hz of low-frequency EMF. However, the study showed that people exposed to 50hz of low-frequency EMF experienced different and altered sleeping habits. Since the body requires sleep to rejuvenate and repair itself, and modified sleeping pattern means the entire body is likely to suffer. People with sleeping disturbance are likely to have other underlying issues, such as increased stress levels, sleep deprivation, and oppressed mental strength.

Pros and Cons of purchasing a house near Electricity Pylons

Many people have a reservation concerning staying near powerline, especially because living in such areas is associated with electromagnetic force exposure. Many individuals in the UK live in areas with pylons or proximity to pylons. These pylons emit low-frequency EMF classified as harmless. However, studies show that the EMF emission from these pylons is likely to cause cancer or provide an environment that increases one’s chances of getting cancer or increase the cases of leukemia among children.

Assessment of electromagnetic field levels is also essential to help you determine the level of exposure. People living near overhead power lines should ensure these electricity pylons follow the UK guidelines to reduce risks. Advantages and disadvantages of buying a house near electricity pylons include;


Most people are skeptical about their health and safety while living near electrical pylons. Thus, the number of people living in these areas is low, increasing privacy levels. Due to health and safety measures, space has to be observed between the pylons position, ensuring you enjoy more privacy.

Constant power supply

Electrical pylons supply electricity to an area; thus, leaving it near them means you enjoy electrical supply. If you are buying a house then installing electricity will be easy and cheap. You also get assured of constant electrical supply and a reduced power outage making the investment worth it.

Faster response during an outage

Buying a house near electrical pylons ensures you get a quick response during a power outage. Most technicians respond faster to a call from a homeowner with a pylon on their compound or near their proximity, ensuring any hiccup is quickly solved. This act provides you do not have issues with staying for days due to a blackout.

Excellent deals

Properties with electrical pylons passing through or near them enjoy excellent discounts. You can thus get a good deal ensuring you have access to everything on your wish list on a tight budget.

You can find out the EMF exposure

When buying a house near an electricity pylon, you can call the power authority and read the EMF exposure ratings ensuring they are not harmful. Instead of relying on people’s fear carrying out due diligence will see you buy a house you can afford and use the power pylon as an excuse to enjoy large discounts.


Trouble reselling

Due to the fear and risk assessment people have on buying houses with power pylons, it may be difficult getting a buyer for your home if you are moving to another town or opting for a bigger space. Thus, there is no guarantee for a return on investment. The property is also likely to stay longer in the market or sell at a lower price. The low market value also reduces the amount of profit you can make from reselling.

Mortgage challenges

Some financial institutions do not give mortgages to people buying houses with a power pylon passing through the property. The projection of low return on investment when carrying out risk assessment makes them shy away from financing mortgages in such areas. This information means you may not be able to buy the house using a mortgage.

Affects the house landscaping

Electricity pylons may hinder your landscape’s beauty or limit the number of external aesthetic beautification you can carry out on a property. Because they cannot be moved or tampered with, they affect the general outlook of the house and may make it difficult to add your personality to the prevailing view of the house. If you are into details are get affected by tiny things, then this may become a turn off when buying a home.

May pose a potential risk

Electricity pylon may pose a potential risk, especially in bad weather such as storms or strong winds. The imminent threat of the lines catching fire and destroying your property is an imminent threat that may make it a challenge or discourage you from buying a house depending on the house’s proximity. A pylon may not emit EMF but pose a potential risk of blowing up and destroying the home, making it hard for you to buy the house.

May reduce the number of people who visit

People generally have a negative perception of pylons; thus, buying a house with one may reduce the number of guests or family members comfortably visiting your home. The presence of pylons may therefore work in alienating you from your family members or make it hard for others who may not be comfortable visiting, posing a challenge to a person who likes spending time with their families. These reasons may thus make the house not ideal for family-oriented Individuals.


There are pros and cons of leaving near electric pylons in the UK properly analyzing your housing options and carrying out an assessment essential in ensuring your decision protects your health. It lets you benefit from getting affordable housing without acting on fear. Thus, it is vital to carry out due diligence to ensure you decide to form an informed point.

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