Buying a house near power lines or a substation in the UK

Are looking to buy a house that is near to a power line or substation? There are various things that you need to put into consideration before making the decision. It is true that the majority of the people have concerns about living near a substation. That is why you may get a good deal when buying the house due to the fewer people willing to buy. One of the primary concerns when purchasing the home is to find out the level of the electromagnetic field around the power line. It is good to check the concentration of the electromagnetic fields and the whereabouts of the cables. Your safety should become your major priority before purchasing that dream home.

What is EMF?

EMF stands for the electromagnetic field. Most times any power plant would have the electromagnetic field around it. Anything that passes the main electricity including the station, power lines, or power pylons has EMF. The stations have varying sizes ranging from big ones to small ones.

Although not massive, it is good to contact the relevant power authorities to inquire about the strength and level of the EMF. The wisest thing to do is look up for substation surveys reports in the recent past to see if there are any risks involved in living near the place. You can also ask for the substation safety guidelines from the management to read through before making an offer to buy. Substation assessments will help you to know how safe you will be living in the area with your family.

You can also find the EMF in the houses, home appliances, and wiring. However, the strength of the magnetic field is low. Trees and buildings near the station can shield the EMF. Although many times, there are not so many buildings near the station and that means that the strength is high. The EMF reduces as the distance from the station increases. The further away you are from the plant, the better for you.

How far away from the station do you need to be?

Many people would want to know how far from the station they should buy their house? However, the answer is not straightforward. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider. Different countries have a different regulation regarding the measurements of where to reside from the station. Checking with the relevant authorities is good.The standard measurements stipulated is that you need to live 50 meters or 100 meters away from any power line. Living within 50 meters of the EMF line is risky to your safety. Conducting substation surveys helps to make the correct measurement.

The UK has an EMF policy that spells out the guidelines to be followed. The procedure is helpful in making sure that the residents follow the set limits. Finding out the type of power plant near you is critical in substation assessments. Sometimes we may have the small stations called the final distribution centers or the bigger power pylons situated away from the urban regions. The high levels of EMF have been linked to pose health risks to residents living near the power lines. There have been cases of leukemia among most people residing around.

Is it safe to live near a power line?

The most critical concern is always the safety of your family. Exposure to high levels of EMF is dangerous especially if you have small children around. Buying a house means that the place becomes your home. You and your family will, therefore, be exposed to the EMF almost all the time. Various studies reveal that EMF is especially bad for the children. The children living near a station have shown an increased risk of contracting leukemia. Even though the research is not conclusive, some of the people who previously lived there, still live to tell.

It is critical to note that some of the exposure limits put on the plant for substation safety come from the manufacturers. The limits may not necessarily come from the UK experts but the independent international professionals. You, therefore, have to double check the UK guidelines and the manufacturer’s guidelines and make sure you comply with both.
There have been health concerns of the high level of EMF found near the power stations. Research conducted over a period revealed the increased risk of contracting health related problems. The closer you are to the EMF the more the risk you have of getting diseases such as cancer.

The World Health Organization it the report mentioned some of the consequences of exposure to high levels of EMF. They include:

• Rashes
• Insomnia
• Fatigue
• A headache
• Muscle pain
• Anxiety

When it is necessary that you buy the house, make sure to do the double-checking for your family safety.

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