Commercial EMF Surveys

Electromagnetic Fields in the Workplace

Occupational exposure limits in the UK are based upon The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016, which defines lower and upper level exposure limits and action level values for both sensory and health effects. These regulations also state that employing staff who are at “particular risk”, principally meaning those who are pregnant or who have active medical devices, will also impact your obligations as an employer.

An assessment involves mapping your place of work to pinpoint any sources of potential issues. For each issue which is detected, our technicians will work with you to help determine a suggested course of action and resolution.

If any of your staff exceed the exposure limit values or report experiencing adverse health effects, you are legally required to provide appropriate medical surveillance and examination. Obtaining an occupational exposure assessment of electromagnetic fields will therefore ensure that you comply with these regulations while offering you and your employees increased peace of mind and long-term well being.

It’s well established that continual exposure to electromagnetic radiation poses a health risk to individuals. This can include things like nervous or cardiac issues and an increased risk of cancer.

If your place of employment is located near an electrical substation, you may be wondering about your risk of occupational exposure to EMF radiation. If you’re an employer near such an area, it’s important to ensure the health, safety, and compliance of your workplace environment.

Indirect effects can occur below both the sensory and health level limits. Sensory effects occurring between the sensory and health level limits are known to be transient, and the sensory limits may therefore be exceeded under certain circumstances. You may exceed sensory exposure limit values if you do so on a temporary basis, but in all cases, indirect effects must be controlled and your staff must be warned of the possibility of sensory effects occurring.

Exposure levels exceeding the health effects limits can risk peripheral nerve stimulation. EMF levels which create this type of stimulation can be painful and create potential safety hazards, for example to those working at height, but there is no suggestion in the presently available data that they are permanently harmful unless the limits are exceeded by a very high margin. Limits for each of these categories are based upon the most sensitive data available and include a built-in safety margin.

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