EMF Assessments in London

One of the most important aspects of living in a metropolitan area like London is problems that could occur when surrounding businesses and homes are in the proximity of high-voltage power lines and transformers that can generate electrical impulses. Many people never consider this potential issue, but these dangers do exist and can do damage without the victim ever knowing it is happening. One of the primary risks associated with high-voltage proximity is the development of cancer over the long term due to electromagnetic waves of energy delivered continually. Learning if this is a potential issue at your home is best accomplished by having an electromagnetic field testing consultant evaluate the area surrounding your living location.

Power Lines

All residences in London will have power lines to and around the property. While power lines are one of the lowest concerns for residents, proximity to lines with higher current levels can be important. EMF assessment professionals recommend certain minimal distances based on the kilovolt current levels of:

  • 133 KV distance 100 ft
  • 230 KV distance 150 ft
  • 340 KV distance 250 ft


Transformers are also abundant about London and situated in specific locations where power regeneration is necessary to supply electricity to all homes and business in the area. They also carry a significant risk and distance recommendation, but the space is generally set at 10 to 20 feet. EMF risk assessments can reveal the location of all transformers within any area when conducted by an experienced EMF assessment professional.


Substation locations are a bit more problematic than power lines and transformers. They handle raw power in bulk distribution to consumers in all regions of London and thus generate a stronger electromagnetic energy field wave. Recommended distance for an EMF assessment for substations can range based on the location, as some substations are actually underground, but locations within one-quarter mile can be affected. This translates to approximately 1320 feet. The problem with substations is that they are not all visible, which can be revealed in EMF risk assessments.

Electrical Pylons

Living in close proximity to electrical pylons can carry even more physical damage potential. While this claim has been downplayed by the UK government oversight agency, doctors from the University of Bristol Medical School published an electrical damage report in 2000 indicating the problem is much worse than authorities want to admit. In addition, the implementation of 5G technology could have major consequences as well when added to the already concentrated affects of electromagnetic fields in greater London and throughout the remainder of England. Those inside a 400-ft radius could unknowingly experience physical damage from radiation generated by any electromagnetic impulses.

The Importance of an Assessment from an Electromagnetic Field Testing Consultant

Many London residents do not always consider the impact electrical line and substation proximity can have on their health. There has been much evidence suggesting that electromagnetic field radiation has been a factor in miscarriages, skin cancer, leukemia, and even multiple sclerosis. All people are not as susceptible to harmful effects of electromagnetism, so one size does not necessarily fit all electricity consumers. The decision in some cases depends on the individual. However, the primary issue with electromagnetic radiation contamination is that it occurs in low increments of power and does gradual damage that the victim never realizes is actually happening. Knowing the energy field dynamics of a particular residence or business can be vital to the health maintenance of the all individuals in proximity to the EMF source. This means that having an assessment conducted by a true professional with solid experience in electromagnetic detection is essential.

As the planet becomes more affected by more electromagnetic waves due to new technological development, it is becoming even more important to know your surroundings with respect to unseen and undetected dangers. And with the advent and roll out of 5G technology that will allow even more implementation of radiated frequencies in closer proximity layered on the traditional electrical grid, it has never been as vital as it is right now to have your home tested for radiation levels. It is difficult to put a price on the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home or business location is free of harmful unseen electromagnetic fields in a city as concentrated and congested as London. Always call a professional electromagnetic field testing consultant when wanting EMF risk assessments for reliable readings and dedicated customer service.

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