EMF Home Buyers Inspection

The pre-purchase electromagnetic field inspections are strategically tailored to help home buyers identify the potential issues that might be impossible or very expensive to repair after moving in. It’s very crucial to do an EMF inspection of the property before purchasing or renting it. It promotes mechanical soundness and safety to your family.
Traditional home inspections don’t test EMF issues of the listed property caused by the nearby substation, electricity pylon, overhead lines or a mobile phone mast. That is why you need the pre-purchase EMF specialist to help you assess and mitigate EMF matters. That is an inspection you need to boost your property’s value and limit the risk of adverse health effects.

Why Do We Need An EMF Survey?

The EMF home inspection reality helps you in knowing whether you can buy the property or not. It’s typically custom-tailored to meet your needs on ascertaining the possible exposures to EMF radiations.
The EMF survey includes inspecting the electromagnetic fields’ common sources like the overhead power line, substations and telephone masts. The home electrical wiring should also be checked if it’s a form of dirty electricity.

According to health experts, long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields affects the nervous system and probably damages the body cells. The damage of the cells is the same athophysiology that cancer development follows.
The symptoms associated with EMF exposure are sometimes vague, and the diagnosis protocol used in its identification is not clear. However, to reduce the worries associated with EMFs, you should lower their exposure to your body. Understand your home appliances’ workability and the surrounding environment because they are the potential sources of harmful electromagnetic fields.

There is harmony with EMFs home protection. There are many adverse health effects of electromagnetic field exposure, including the reduction of the immune system. That means that you will be more prone to opportunistic infections.
Ultimately, before you move in into a new house, test it first for the EMFs exposure. The interior readings might be different from the exterior measurements. However, all in all, the hired EMF consultant will apply their scientific knowledge to create the safe and healthy environment you deserve for your home.

Levels of Concern

Most people are addicted to the conveniences of modern life. However, few individuals understand the gadgets’ health risks and the electrical wiring used in our homes.

Over the years, it has been noted that a significant number of home appliances and nearby facilities tend to produce electromagnetic fields. That gives a question of how safe are we in our homes?

The levels of EMFs are measured in volts per meter for RF (radio frequency) sources like mobile phone masts and in MicroTesla or NanoTesla for LF (low frequency) sources like substations and power lines. Therefore, the higher the measurement, the stronger and harmful the electromagnetic field. You can hire a pre-purchase EMF specialist to help you in measuring the home’s EMFs inspection using their EMF meters.

EMF Guidelines in the UK

Residential exposure to the electromagnetic field is highly regulated in the UK. The Radiation Research Division has stated that exposure to extremely low-frequency EMFs has the potential of causing childhood cancer. Therefore there is a specific frequency that the magnetic field should meet.
The UK policy on EMFs includes preventive measures and exposure limits for the general public that include:

61 V/m for Radio frequencies (3G, 4G, 5G)
100 µT magnetic field for Low frequencies (50-60 Hz)


The home buyers and owners have the sole right to be protected from the EMFs. When the risk is established, the EMF consultant will develop reasonable EMF control measures. You should have no excuse when applying the precautionary principles offered by the people conducting the EMF survey.

To improve the pre-purchase EMF home’s general inspection outcome, a factual and guiding report offers direction on what and how things should be done. EMF inspection Ltd provides a well-written risk assessment report to support the corrective measures corresponding to the exposure guidelines and even beyond.

EMF home inspection is an essential that every home buyer should have. You can do it the same way the traditional home inspection is done. It only takes approximately up to 1 hour, depending on the size of your home. The findings and the recommendations are available the moment the assessment is complete. To get the best experience with EMF home inspection, you need to work with a reputable EMF consultant.

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