EMF Protection

EMF is electromagnetic radiation. It is invisible to the naked eye but can cause damage to your body and mind at high levels. For example, you can experience headaches or even cancer after being exposed too much to EMF radiation. EMF radiation is all around us, coming from the electrical wiring in our homes and workplaces as well as power lines that run along city streets. Some people believe they are the cause of many health problems while others don’t think it’s dangerous at all. Regardless, there is some risk involved with being exposed to cell phone towers or wifi signals which is why you should consider EMF protection devices and EMF survey when necessary.


Low-Frequency EMFs
Low-Frequency EMFs refer to magnetic fields and electric currents, such as those found in residential wiring. This type of EMF exposure can pose a risk to your health if you are constantly exposed for long periods. It is especially dangerous for pregnant women and children.

Sources of Low-Frequency EMFs
There are several sources of low-frequency EMFs. These include substations, electricity pylons, electrical wiring, overhead power lines, and outlets, appliances, and electronic devices. Electrical wiring is found in every home, building, and office. Wiring causes low-frequency EMFs by creating electrical fields that cause magnetic currents. Electric power lines are an example of these effects, as they create electric and magnetic fields which can penetrate nearby residences. Appliances also release low-frequency EMFs into the environment through their use of electricity to run household appliances such as microwaves, televisions, computers, and more. In some cases, it is necessary to use certain devices such as microwaves and televisions, but there are several ways you can reduce exposure to low-frequency EMFs. You should not stand or sit too close to them when they’re turned on and make sure your appliances do not come in contact with water which could cause a short circuit that releases an electric current into the air.

Low-Frequency EMFs Protection
You can protect yourself from low-frequency EMFs by calling our company to measure the amount of radiation in your home through an EMF survey. We will give you practical advices how to reduce EMF exposure at minimal price. If it is too much, you should also replace older appliances that are more likely to release low-frequency EMFs into the air because of their age and wear, such as televisions, microwaves, computers, etc.

High-Frequency EMFs
These are the types of EMFs that have been linked with cancer, tumors, and other serious health complications. Most of them are transmitted through the air in the microwave range which is very harmful to health because they penetrate deep into your body causing damage to internal organs such as the brain, heart, eyes, etc. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent these high-frequency EMFs from penetrating your body, which is where an EMF suvey come into play.

Sources of Radio-Frequency EMFs
Radio-frequency EMFs are caused by wireless radiation from cell phones, phone towers, and wifi signals. Others sources are microwave ovens, computers, televisions, and other wireless devices that emit RF radiation. Cell phone tower exposure is the most common source of RF EMFs as they release a lot of microwave radiation into the environment to improve signal quality. Unfortunately, this also means you are being exposed to microwaves daily via your mobile phone because it’s constantly sending and receiving data even when you’re not using it.

Radio-Frequency EMFs Protection
There are several ways to protect yourself from RF EMFs. First, you need an EMF survey. The purpose of the measurement is to establish the radio frequency exposure levels in your property. Next, we will recommend a shielding solution that suits best to your needs.

EMF Protection in Commercial Properties
Commercial buildings are prone to EMF exposure because of the high number of people who are working or visiting that location daily. People using computers, laptops and other wireless devices are particularly at risk due to their constant contact with these sources of radiation which emit harmful microwaves into the air around them. First, you need to establish the EMF levels in your office or commercial building by conducting an EMF survey to determine the levels of exposure.

UK Regulations on EMF Protection in Commercial Properties
In recent years there have been several laws introduced in the UK to regulate electromagnetic fields and how they are used by commercial properties. The main regulation is from Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Regulations which came into effect on the 26th of April 2011 after a three-year transition period for businesses to comply with its rules. These regulations state that all commercial buildings must reduce their exposure to radio frequency and low-frequency electromagnetic fields by installing EMF protection devices such as microwaves, wifi blockers, and grounding rods. Also, it requires property owners to carry out EMF survey.
The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations which was introduced on the 31st of July 2012 is part of the UK regulations. These regulations were created to reduce exposure from electrical and magnetic fields as well as radio frequencies in workplaces, but also apply if you’re working from home or a commercial location outside your house.
The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations which is part of the Health and Safety Act 1998 is the other regulation. This regulation requires employers to manage health and safety in their workplace, including electromagnetic fields emitted from electrical equipment such as computers and wifi devices.

EMF Shielding
EMF Shielding is a term used to describe the technology and devices that can reduce exposure from high frequency EMFs such as microwaves, wifi routers, etc. There is a wide range of products on the market which you should consider using in your home or commercial property because they will block out harmful radiation emitted by electrical appliances and other sources. These include:

  1. RF shielding materials which are being produced from patented high-tech fibers. Ideal for the construction of EMC canopies, drapes, protective clothing and more. They offer very high damping capacity over a wide frequency range.
  2. LF shielding has been developed especially for shielding alternating magnetic fields caused by cables, transformers, generators, traction power, power distribution boxes, high-voltage lines, electronic circuits etc. Also works at permanent DC magnetic fields like earth magnetic fields, magnets etc.

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