EMF protection

The Invisible EMF
Naturally occurring or man-made invisible fields of electromagnetic energy interact with each other creating electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that can extend indefinitely. With the proliferation of cell phones, microwaves, wireless routers and smart meters many people are taking a closer look at the effects of EMF radiation on human health and well-being. As anecdotal and scientific evidence builds, we’re also looking for forms of EMF protection to shield us from the negative effects of excessive electromagnetic exposure. One of the best ways to make the invisible threat visible is to get an EMF survey of your home or office to discover any areas that have higher than recommended levels.
Once you know what your risk level is, you can begin to physically protect yourself. EMF exposure guidelines from the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) will help determine your most vulnerable zones so you can prioritize your efforts.

Many people think they will be protected by limiting cell phone usage and perhaps blocking incoming EMFs from nearby cell phone towers with modern Faraday-cage type products. That’s a good idea. However, you do not want to stop there.

Even with everything unplugged, your home can be full of low-frequency electromagnetic fields from unsheilded wiring and “dirty electric.” The EMF survey will locate where those levels are highest and suggest ways to mitigate the effects, like using DE filters and protective switch-plates or removing old fluorescent light fixtures.

The highest concentrations of EMF radiation within the home are often in areas with wireless and wifi devices. While the best wifi protection is switching to hard-wired options, it might not be possible for you, so wifi protection will likely be a necessary EMF protection for your home. Fun science fact: the carbon in carbon-based sheilding paint can absorb some of the EMFs created inside your home, as well as protecting against those from outside. Of course most of us are on a budget, so before painting the entire house inside and out, the first step is to know where that invisible danger actually is coming from with an EMF survey.

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