EMF Radiation

Electromagnetic radiation, commonly abbreviated as EMF radiation, is found all around us today. The technical definition is the physical field that is produced by the motion of objects containing an electrical charge. Despite recent critical attention to electromagnetic field dangers, they are something that humans have been naturally exposed to since birth. Certain regular happenings in the environment involve EMF radiation (for example sunlight and thunderstorms). Artificial EMF is created by devices such as computers, televisions, cell phones, microwaves and x-rays. Perhaps such chronic exposure to technological devices is modern enough that long-term effects are difficult to measure. Other sources of EMF, such as power lines, would be rather difficult to remove from society at this point.

Many individuals are spending a great deal of time researching the topic, seeking answers in regard to manmade EMF radiation and its potential harm to humans.

A general consensus has concluded that electromagnetic field dangers brought on by increasing technology and connectivity are unlikely to be nearly as harmful as other well-recognized public health issues such as asbestos exposure, tanning beds (that emit concentrated ultraviolet radiation) or labeled carcinogens like cigarettes and assorted tobacco products. That said, there are ways of seeking greater EMF protection, starting right in your place of living. Professionals are available for hire to conduct an EMF survey, in which they perform inspections of your home to detect EMF levels. This can be a comforting option for many. If you are unable to receive an EMF survey, there are several other methods of EMF protection. There are anti-radiation mobile device shields available for purchase through many retailers and other purchases for your home can also be found. Filters said to reduce EMF frequencies from devices exist as well as certain paints and bed canopies.

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