EMF Testing Of A Substation

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) testing of substations in the United Kingdom is growing in popularity. Smart people looking for home and business properties use EMF surveys to be
able to ensure the property they choose is an EMF safe distance from all substations. If a substation EMF test is not done, the health and life of anyone who frequents the home or business is at risk. Electromagnetic radiation from substations shows up during
environmental searches savvy buyers conduct early in the property purchasing process. It has become abundantly clear that failure to do so is irresponsible and dangerous.

Substation Assessment

When building near substations, a survey of the electric and magnetic field if it is not required, is certainly recommended. Testing by a chartered EMF expert can help to reveal if it’s safe to occupy the property. Their assessment of the EMF radiation level in a property enables companies and individuals to make an informed decision about if it’s wise to build so close to a substation even if the land’s purchase price is cheap. With the EMF from substations a source of concern, it’s important to hire a charted EMF expert to assess the impact of radiation levels from substations the property you want.

1. Is It Dangerous Living Next To A Substation?

Depending on their size, electric substations produce electric and magnetic fields that can be fairly powerful. Although the magnetic field radiation that the substations emit are non-ionising, they can be potentially dangerous to the health of people who live or work nearby. The electromagnetic field travels through the air and can cause cells in the human body to oscillate at a high frequency, heat up and become damaged. Skin and tissue directly exposed to the electric current the magnetic field substations give off at close range can possibly sustain damage. Studies say it can cause tumors and cancer.

More Research Needed

People with certain medical conditions tend to have bodies that are more sensitive and susceptible to the potentially harmful effects EMF from substations. If substations are in too close proximity to their home or job, it can cause them to have nervous system or brain issues. However, it’s not clear exactly how high the current density of the EMF has to be on members of the general population’s heads, necks and trunks to have a negative impact on their health. Several studies are currently looking into this to find out what’s an EMF safe distance from a substation for people to live or work.

2. Health Risks Of Living Near Electric Substations

Some people can develop health problems if they are exposed to high levels of EMF from substations close to their homes or jobs for long periods of time. Some people say it caused their Alzheimer’s disease, birth defects, cancer in the breast and brain, heart disease, childhood leukemia, decreased libido, depression, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, neuro-degenerative disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, miscarriages, sleep disorders and more. However, researchers have not yet been able to establish clear and direct causal connections between EMF and any of those conditions.

The Psychological Effects Of  EMF

Research being conducted worldwide shows extremely low frequency EMF may have a serious psychological effect on some people. EMF might disrupt their circadian rhythm cycles, alter their levels of the neurotransmitters melatonin and serotonin and contribute to depression if they spend too much time living or working too close to substations.

3. How Far From Power Substations Should People Live

The government of the United Kingdom does not have laws regulating how close people can live to substations. However, they do recommend taking certain precautionary actions to limit exposure to EMFs. The UK government strongly recommends people live in homes that are 50 metres or more from electric substations. The power of the EMF that is emitted by power substations can vary, so the EMF safe distance can be different for each residence based on the size and power of the substations close by. It’s considered a safety risk to live closer than 50 metres from substations because the safety levels of their EMF is difficult to accurately predict.

On-Site EMF Measuring

Experts recommend people call in chartered, experienced EMF experts to measure the amount and intensity of the EMF present in a property before deciding to live there. The EMF radiation can penetrate walls and other barriers and potentially impact people inside their homes.

4. Should People Buy Houses Near Substations

The decision to buy houses near substations is one that requires careful consideration.
Whether you plan to live in the house, rent it or sell it, you should understand the impact the EMF can potentially have on the people who live there. Before buying the house, it would be wise to have a chartered EMF expert do a survey on it to determine the level and intensity of the EMF radiation coming into the property. If there is a dangerous level of EMF radiation coming  nto the house, it may not be safe or wise to buy it. You could be risking your health and the health of anyone else who lives in it.

5. Do Power Substations Cause Cancer

The causal relationship between the EMF emissions from power substations and people living or working in close proximity to them developing cancer hasn’t been conclusively verified. There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence from people who lived or worked near substations for long periods of time and developed cancer. A number of research studies done worldwide suggest there is a link between the EMF from power substations and an increased risk of cancer. However, the global mainstream scientific community has not come out in one accord and declared EMF from substations can cause cancer.

EMF Testing Is Important

Conducting a substation EMF test is essential to determine the EMF safe distance from a substation. It’s an established fact excessive EMF radiation can negatively impact people’s health. Testing can reveal whether a home is an EMF safe distance from all power substations.


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