Health effects of EMF exposure

While humans have long been exposed to electromagnetic fields (also referred to as EMF), concern towards EMF exposure has increased in more recent years due to advancements in technology. What is EMF exactly? It’s defined as a physical force created as a byproduct of objects carrying an electrical charge. One can quickly find an EMF survey online conducted in search for signs of the adverse health effects of EMF exposure.

When any wired appliance is plugged into a wall socket, electric fields will be present in the nearby air. This occurs even when said object is not in use; this is an example of low frequency EMF radiation. Higher frequency EMF involves devices such as mobile phones and microwaves.

The human body has been subjected to various EMF exposure since the beginning of time; lightning creates it in the atmosphere and a heartbeat is only possible through natural occurring EMF. The general public still feels concern towards the health effects of EMF, however. Unfortunately there are certain EMF hazards in relation to the overexposure of EMF radiation at any level of frequency. Power lines and x-rays involve differing EMF hazards. There is speculation of an elevated risk of cancers along with cognitive defects, although there is not enough supporting evidence to directly back such claims regarding EMF exposure. Methods of EMF protection are available; turning off and also unplugging devices when possible prevents generation in the home. Switching to ethernet cables or purchasing shielding tents for beds are options as well. According to one EMF survey, findings generally conclude that absolute risk from exposure is likely to be less than other known hazards such as smoking. Some individuals believe that EMF protection and mindfulness can help combat the additional radiation created by human activity and technology.

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