Radio Frequency EMF Survey

High Frequency or Radio frequency (RF) Survey

Do you live near a 5G phone mast or a cell tower? Our Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields (RF EMF) survey can assess the levels of RF EMF exposure in your home or workplace, including the impact of nearby cell phone masts, and suggest ways to reduce exposure.

The RF EMF exposure comes from cell phones, cordless phones, mobile antennas, broadcast towers, electrical security systems and more. The higher the frequency, the greater the risk to health. For example, microwaves are high frequency radiation, and they can pose a significant health risk. All cell phone towers operate in the microwave range.

For our surveys, we use professional EMF meters to track EMFs to their source. First we will give you a verbal summary of our findings. Then we’ll provide the results of the survey in a written report. It will show the location and intensity of EMFs within the property and give practical steps on how they can be eliminated or avoided at minimal cost.